What would Alice do?

Hi Alice Got a little Problem I need some help with! I recently started dating a guy and I liked him a lot and he seemed like he liked me. We had been spending most of our spare time together and talked about getting serious and then out of no where he just dissapeared I can’t get hold of him and I don’t know what’s​ going on… Why would he make me fall for him only to fall off the face of the earth without warning??

Screenshot_20170430-213407 This seems to be a common thing guys just vanishing after what seems to be the start of what could be a good thing. I’ve come to the conclusion it must be one of two things he either had someone before you came in the picture of he got cold feet and ran away… There are so many men claiming to be single while they live with another woman as “husband and wife” and then at some point his  current girlfriend finds out and this is when he will vanish and you will be wondering what the fuck you have done to push him away, the correct answer is absolutely nothing! You didn’t do a thing. He’s the idiot who decided to play with your emotions when he was not emotionally available. It’s possible that he just backed off because he felt it was moving too quickly so he created some distance!

If I was you I would get over him and move on with your life you probably won’t hear from him again, and if you do hear from him  you would be worried he might vanish again.