I love music so I thought I’d share the soundtrack to my life, I’m a old skool type so I listen to a lot of R&B and Soul but occasionally I mix it up…



A friend of mine recently put me on to the Tory lanez chixtape while on holiday. I know I’m probably late but I love it every song is a big tune mainly because of the 90’s feel he gives us with heavy sampling from groups like destinys child and jagged edge. My favourite track is the juvenile freestyle so you need to go check it out you will love it. On a side note go check out his version on TLC’S NO SCRUBS from chixtape2 (banger).

Nicki Minaj dropped some new music in the form of ‘black barbie’ she jumped on Rae sremmurds beat for ‘black Beatles’ which is the hugely popular soundtrack to the mannequin challenge by now I’m sure everyone has either participated in or seen the mannequin challenge on Instagram and black Beatles is the official soundtrack. Nicki’s version is definitely bad as in really good and it reminds me of the first mixtape I got by her I would definitely recommend you go and check it out and please listen to her cover of ‘ooouuu’ by young ma.


A make up free Alicia Keys has returned with her sixth studio album and she has even given us visuals featuring some of the tracks. The album is a very interesting listen my personal favourite is ‘she dont really care’ but the track ‘blended family’ really got the blogs talking… have a listen and check out the visual titled “gospel


If you have not listened to this album it’s a must this one will definitely go down in history, Solange Knowles “a seat at the table”.
My personal favourite is F.U.B.U AND WEARY.


Basically anything by Teedra moses… I could tell you my favourite tracks but we would literally be here all day, when I heard ‘you’ll never find’ featuring jadakiss I had to hear more from her and I definitely was not disappointed. I could listen to her first album ‘complex simplicity’ from track one to track twelve and that’s rare!  I feel the same way about her latest mixtape ‘clairvoyant’

I think ‘backstroke’ is one if my fav’s but honestly I love everything by her…

Just listen to her you won’t be sorry.

screenshot_20170206-2027152 I was catching up on power (yes I know I’m late) but during the sex scene with 50 cent and the girl keeping him alive I heard ‘cold sweat’ by Tinashe and I have had this song on repeat ever since. I absolutely love it! So then I started to listen to more from her and realised I been sleeping on Tinashe because she’s got some big tunes and her feature on ‘just say’ by kda is on my playlist this week too.