To give it up or not to give it up that is the question?

Screenshot_20170424-214057When you first start dating a guy I know most women try not to have sex too early if they want him to take her seriously and not consider her a thot.thot.thot. Everyone has a different time scale that they think is respectable in a man’s eyes some believe in the 90 day rule some think 4 dates is good enough some believe in waiting months on end before having sex and some are waiting​ for marriage before they do the deed.

I have mixed emotions on the subject and I definitely think you need to sample the man you plan to be with forever before you commit, there are married couples who slept with each other on the first date and have been together for more than a decade and there are females who wait 90 days before they give it up and the man drops off the face of the earth the next morning on day 91 there’s no right or wrong way to do this. Obviously seeing someone for a while can give you the chance to get to know them a little and read their behaviour to get an insight on who they are and what they are all about.

If your trying to be a good girl and hold out from giving him the na-na then here are a couple of tips I got from a friend….

First one is wear granny panties. No self respecting female wants a man she’s dealing with serious or not to see her in anything she doesn’t consider to be sexy lingerie. Women want to be desired by a man and you want to give him something to remember for the right reasons not a crazy story to send to the group chat about a woman who seduced him in granny panties.

Screenshot_20170424-214634Second one is put your wax appointment on hold, we all know once we shave and get the pussy looking pretty we will be ready to do the do, the sexy Brazilian lace panties will come out to play on date night and when things get steamy you’ll know that your looking like a bag of money under your little black dress and you might just let him take it off and let it drop to the floor.

Thirdly and I think this one is brilliant before you see your​ potential bae handle your business, get your little vibrating toy out and play with yourself at least you would have got it out of your system and when he kisses your neck you might not cream your knickers and tell him to take you there and then.


There are a couple other things you can do to delay the love making be sure to go on dates and then go straight home after, no dates at the house so he can’t dim the lights and turn on the slowjams, don’t drink too much I know some of us get a little horny after a couple glasses of rosé so you just have to remember to be on your best behaviour whether you believe in the 3 date rule or not just think about what you want to do in the long run some believe a man will not take you seriously if you give it up too soon he might assume you give it up like that all the time to any and everyone but sometimes things do happen and you shouldn’t feel bad if it feels good it’s all about the level of respect you have for yourself and how he treats you.


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