I give up!!! (a rant by Alice)

I know I can’t be the only one who thinks ‘FUCK IT’ when it comes to this dating game I’m not saying that’s how I feel every single day because there are days when I long for a man to come home to after a long day at work to give me a hug when I need one but like anything in life you get to a point where you just start to wonder what is the point?? Like what’s the fucking point?? this doesn’t seem to be getting me any where I think I’ve hit a wall when it comes to dating right now. I’ve given up and I think I’m just gonna stay at home and drink wine it’s less stressful. Dating should not be this stressful.Screenshot_20170325-175328

For so long I was so positive thinking if I’m more social and actively looking I must find the guy for me but then I start to feel like I’m forcing it and just going on dates for the sake of it, then you start to look at potential in a guy that you might never have looked at before. As a female I know we are all feeling like maybe we are running out of time in terms of finding a man and getting married or having babies some of us are under pressure from relatives and some of us are simply under pressure from the voices in our own heads (I’m not sure which is worse).


I’m blaming this generation of I don’t give a shit individuals for ruining my love life, everyone is just jumping from situationship to situationship and no one is looking for more because there is no trust!!!

People say that if you continue to attract the same ‘type’ then you need to look within yourself for the reason why your attracting men that just wanna waste your time but even the shittiest men want a good woman on their arm even if his intentions are to waste your time. When there’s a fuck-boy on every corner what do you expect and of course it’s your choice who and what you choose to entertain but when people advertise who they are so falsely it’s hard, you have to test the waters to see who someone really is they don’t show their true colours on day one so you have to be open to the fact that yet again your time could potentially be wasted! The only men who are genuinely nice guys are either taken or unattractive you don’t have to agree with me if you don’t want to, but that’s my opinion. So now knowing all of this you have to decide if you are happy to stay single forever or lower your standards that could be in terms of looks or personality and it sounds so shallow but it’s the harsh reality….Screenshot_20170324-231544

Since I started my blog I’ve been interacting with females from all over the world they tell me the issues they face when it comes to dating and relationships and it always seems to be the same things that pop up women are feeling like they are wasting their time with men. The men either claim to be single when they are not or they drop off the face of the earth when you just start to let your guard down with them. So my advice to the ladies is don’t stress about it let it happen naturally what’s meant for you is coming to you and it will come to you when it’s meant to come take time out to show yourself love and do things you need to do with your life while you are single don’t allow your search for love to make you miserable…


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