Vanishing act!!

As my blog and my instagram following grows I’m getting asked for advice on more and more dating situations, but something that is becoming more common is the scenario where a woman meets a man, everything is going well in her eyes, they get on well maybe have been on a couple of dates have been communicating more frequently even talking about what the two of them want and what they are looking for and then out of no where the man vanishes!

screenshot_20170228-1222512Sometimes he just fades away texts and calls become less frequent and eventually he just just drifts off or sometimes completely vanishes I’m talking number changed and all that? Like now ya see me now ya don’t!

Now my first thought is there they was someone else before you or that someone else came along and took his attention! We have to agree that when you meet someone they are probably talking to or dealing with other people and that goes for most men and women, not all but most!S

Some people make a conscious decision to focus on themselves maybe after a bad break up or after feeling like they have been wasting time entertaining the wrong type of guy who will simply waste her time!


When you meet someone new you end up as part of what I like to call the “dating pyramid” because there’s levels to this dating life and every time you meet someone new your just someone new on their list, and your actions dictate where you end up in this list now you have the person they really like, the person they kind of like and the person they keep around as back up (that doesn’t mean there’s just three of you those are just categories that people may fall into). I’m not saying this is right but when your dating and your not in a serious relationship you are free to do as you please talk to whomever you want and entertain whomever you want. This is why I think it’s important to be clear with what you want so you don’t end up having your time wasted unless that’s what you want.

When I meet a guy I like to ask questions then and there and some will say I’m being too direct but I’ve wasted enough time tip toe-in around to know anything you don’t ask will be used against you at a later date!!!


So here are a couple questions to ask when you meet a new man or he asks you for your number and you can tell by the reaction you get if you wanna give up the number or continue with your day…

Do you have a girlfriend??

Is there a woman who thinks she’s yours??

Do you live with a woman who thinks she’s yours??

Do you have a “EX” that hasn’t broken up with you??

Do you have a baby mother you are sleeping with and treating like your wife??

Do you have a wife??

Are you engaged??

How many girls did you send the “good morning beautiful” text to this morning??

Now all of that might seem like a lot but if he’s got any of those situations going on you will be able to tell by the way he responds and I’m not saying ask him like he’s on the witness stand deliver the questions with your personal feminine charm maybe don’t ask them back to back but get a feel for the man, of course some men are naturally charmers and can have you fooled but if the questions are asked from the get go if anything did come out of a closet at a later date he can’t say you never asked!


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