#HURTBAY (the effects of cheating)

screenshot_20170217-1114362 This #HURTBAE situation is a horrible one to watch (the only way you won’t know what I’m talking about is if you have no form of social media) it was all over my twitter timeline and has quickly come over to Instagram in the form of several memes about cheating and looking stupid for allowing someone to disrespect you time and time again. A young lady confronts her ex about his cheating and commitment issues and anyone with a heart would feel it for her because I think most females have been through similar situations being cheated on or being lied to and made to feel as though your stupid and no matter the type of person you are it changes you…


It can turn you into a bitch you become angry at yourself and take it out on those around you and that’s not necessarily where you need to place your anger, it can turn you into the man who hurt you , some women get cheated on so much they decide enough is enough and start to seek revenge to make the man feel the way he has left you feeling. Being cheated on can make so scared to love and give yourself to another person in the future, out of the fear of looking stupid and feeling that level of pain again. When someone cheats on you, many will look within themselves and think if they had done something differently or looked different or been more this or more of that maybe they might not have cheated. The person to blame is not you, don’t start to hate yourself or change yourself!!

I see so many girls getting cheated on at young ages because they are in what they think is a very committed serious relationship and the guy is somewhere else mentally and physically, so I think you need to know what you both want some guys need to get their whore stage out of their system it does not mean they don’t have love for you but they just can’t give you what you are looking for at that time and if you walk away from the situation rather than holding on and being hurt over and over again you do yourself a big favour emotionally and leave yourself open to the level of love that you deserve.


If a man does not want the things you want and does not have that level of respect to let you know when you see the signs please leave him, men always give signs and some will openly tell you they are not looking for anything serious and do not want to commit. I know when you love someone you hold on to the hope that they will stop and eventually treat you right and put your happiness first the way you do for them but men don’t seem do that and when you are broken inside and crying from the pain all they have to offer are excuses! Sometimes people just don’t know what they want or they are greedy and they know they have found a good thing so rather than being real with you and allowing you the choice to walk away from a relationship thats not what you thought you signed up for they do as they please and hope you don’t find out. You must use your intuition it’s been given to you for a reason I’m not saying look for the bad in your relationships when there isn’t any but when they are blatantly disrespectful you must have the level of self respect and walk away.

If you have been cheated on don’t blame yourself and don’t change use it a lesson learned something that will make you stronger going forward but don’t become angry simply let it go and grow from it!


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