You can’t enjoy life if you don’t live it.

We all go through our anti social phase mine is normally during the winter when it’s cold and I can’t wear a little black dress or leave my jacket at home. After a conversation with a friend about feeling like she was wasting her weekends in bed doing nothing it got me thinking about my own social life. I do go out sometimes but I’m more antisocial than anything, especially when the weather is not great! I think you definitely need to find balance like anything in life you can’t completely shut yourself away from the world. Socialising with friends and going out on dates keeps you sane and stops some people from drifting into a slight depression especially with social media and everyone out enjoying life (or acting like they are) while you sit home and watch another box set annoyed with your boring life and having a little cry about the fact that you are still single and don’t have your life completely together.


Don’t get me wrong staying at home does have its upsides like keeping your money in you bank or getting enough sleep and being ready for the week ahead, but it can also lead to people over thinking and stressing about life and sometimes when you spend the weekend in bed watching Netflix and eating pizza you feel like you wasted the weekend doing absolutely nothing. Spending time with Friends venting to them about a guy you haven’t heard from or what your manager done to piss you off this week is a special kind of therapy you need. TRUST ME!


So here is my advice to you…

Get up early, if your a member of the gym go and do a workout get the good energy flowing from early in the morning and if your not a member find a good workout on YouTube and do it at home.


Don’t sleep in… I know it’s nice to have a lie in on the weekends but you throw your body clock out of sync because you get used to getting up early during the week for work and then sleep until midday on Saturday and Sunday, it’s no surprise you find it very hard when Monday morning comes back around.

Make a big breakfast… During the week most people don’t eat breakfast or they have ‘breakfast to go’ which is normally not a proper breakfast! So at the weekends I like to have a nice big breakfast. It’s fun and I find that I look forward to it every weekend.


Spend time with friends and family… Visit your people stay in the loop, know what’s going on with them, help your grandmother with the shopping take yoirum out to brunch! Connect with your people.

If your ballin on a budget then go out once a month or find something cheap to do and only take a certain amount of cash with you so you can’t over spend. You can get a bottle of wine and chill.

Stop saying no to invites, go out and have fun make a little effort get dressed up and be a social butterfly… I have just as much fun getting ready as I do actually going out. That goes for dates too, don’t say no to dates, if your going to be home doing nothing why would you turn down the offer to be in the company of someone. Go on the date.


Organise a girls night in maybe you can do this once a month order a take away and catch up with your friends. Homemade cocktails and girl talk are always a good idea!


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