HIT AND RUN!! (it’s not what you think)

screenshot_20170209-0756252Me and a couple close friends went on an unexpected girls night out we went to a bar got a couple of drinks and got our dance on, you know really loving life once the rosé kicked in! We must have got through maybe 5 bottles of rosé and a glass of Hennessey each so when it was time to go you can imagine the state we were in mentally lol… So I left with one of my girls thinking about if we should get chicken and chips or a good old kebab to try to soak up this alcohol.


We walked over to her car and noticed a car had parked behind her a little bit too close and you could see it would not be easy to come out of that spot no matter how good a driver you were. So there was a motorbike in front and a car behind this was not gonna end well!

So we came up with a plan to move the motorbike with our bare hands…

Now I need to paint the picture for you just incase there’s any grey areas me and my friend had just finished are rosé filled night out dressed up wearing heals and looking very sophisticated and prestige but we were now attempting to pick up a motorbike and move it so she could get her car out of the space successfully!!!!! (I know your thinking what the fuck is wrong with these two but we really didn’t have a choice)


So we picked it up it wasn’t as heavy as I had imagined but when we put it down it just dropped on it’s side – we both looked at each other and ran back to the car! So she came out of the space and turned around ready to drive off into the sunset (well not the sunset because it was like 4 in the morning and there was no sun). She felt bad and said we should at least try to get the bike back up so it didn’t look like a real hit and run situation, so we got out of the car again two well put together ladies picking up this bike “can you imagine” we pick up the bike and tried to get it to stand on its wheels and it just dropped again this time in the other side. So at this point I’m looking at her like we need to get away from the scene of the crime before someone see’s us just throwing this bike from side to side.


At that point we heard a couple of guys laughing from across the road and my friend was like “DONT JUST STAND THERE. HELP US!!!” So they came over still very much laughing and asked us what exactly we were trying to do. I didn’t even know what to say, I was just like I want my chicken wings and I want to go to my bed. So they helped us get the bike back up and we put it back exactly where we found it and drove off into the sunset.

The end


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