‘Get the fuck-boy free glow’

Get the “fuck boy free” glow!
The relationship is over and even though your a little bit pissed off about the time you’ve wasted your happy because deep down you knew he was a fuck-boy so your finally stress free and ready to get your life together like the stunning Nia Riley (pictured) after she got rid of ex boyfriend Soulja boy.
Some people like to dive straight in and start looking for real love with someone new but I think it’s good to step back from love and give yourself a little time to get over it and be content within yourself, socialise with your friends who of course will be there offering support and by your side for your drunken venting sessions!
After a break up females look fabulous maybe not on day one but once your fully over it and getting on with life the glow is evident…
Here’s how to get your “fuck boy free glow”
1. Delete him! Get rid of his number delete all messages from him, just remove him from your phone completely. You should do this so that you don’t text him when you get in your feelings and depending on how much you loved him this will happen or you could do the opposite and just send him long abusive texts and they don’t look so good in court!
2. Join the gym. If your not already a member sign up and don’t worry if your not a big fan of weights you can do the classes. The classes will help you with socialising and just give you a reason to leave the house and the end result will be a fantastic body.
3. Change your hair. This is a simple change but it makes a huge difference, you can update your colour or cut and you will instantly look like a new woman! Don’t do this while your really pissed off though take the time to think about what look you want (you don’t want to wake up bald) weaves and wigs are an easy way to update your look!
4. Read a good book or watch a tv series. Take your mind off of your own life and drift into someone else’s.
5. Socialise. Have some fun with your girlfriends, get dressed up and go out or have a girls night in with cupcakes and cocktails.
6.DONT FUCK HIM! He will try to get in contact with you and you will have to be strong because we all get weak as women because we love the attention but just remember the reason its over and let it go…
Don’t reply to his messages… If he sends a text and your tempted to reply call your best friend she will be able to give you the harsh reality of why he’s no good for you and better off without him!
I hope this helped leave a comment and 👍 if you liked it.

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