Teach your children life…

Teach them how to live without you it sounds harsh but you will not be there forever and we retain information more as children than as adults so I think it’s very important to teach life skills from an earlier age and then it just seems like the norm to the child rather than treating them like newborns until they are 18 and then expecting them to be able to cope with real life…

I have witnessed so many parents who will literally do everything for their children and I know it comes from a good place and wanting to give them things they never had but I think it can ruin a child in the long run and have them depending on you for simple things they can do for themselves! If you look at a child who was responsible for cleaning their room or  household chores compared to children who literally do nothing the difference speaks volumes.

As a parent it’s your job to take care of your children provide for them keep them safe but also to prepare them for real life and real life is not often easy, you need to be thicker skinned and if your parents have always made you feel as though you are the best at every stage in life it does not prepare you for the many obstacles you will face when you mother or father is no longer beside you every step of the way holding your hand.

Here’s 5 things you can teach very early

1. Respect basic but will get you far in life if you treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2. Taking care of themselves… This is anything from cooking a meal to basic hygiene! If you were not there would they wake up brush their teeth and wash their face without being told. Can they make breakfast. Can they iron clothes do they know how to sweep the floor simple things that even adults struggle with because their parents done it all for them.

3. Money. Adults don’t seem to have enough conversations about money with children teach than that saving is the best choice they can make. Talk about credit, investments, residual income. Try to give them a business mind rather than a let me go work for someone else mind.

4. Life is all about choices you need to think about the effect that your behaviour will have on you and do you want to suffer the consequence.
Have more conversations with them about why they make decisions and if they fully understand the consequence it will help them have their own mind and opinons rather than be led by friends.

5. Common sense this is very important in life do not dumb your children down by doing everything for them let them help you cook let them understand investment don’t class everything as too much information for them think of all the mistakes you may have avoided if you had been given certain information sooner. If you have bad credit teach your child about credit and how it will impact them, if you learned to cook late let them help with the Sunday dinner, we learn more from practice something you do over and over again will just be something you have always done rather than struggling to learn if at the age of 21…


There are so many books you can read and get your children to read to help them when it comes to giving them life skills I think teaching them about finances from early is very important as they do not teach this in schools ‘ rich dad poor dad’ is a good place to start training up the young mind.


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  1. I really like this post … I do not have children yet, but I do agree we need to start teaching children real life lessons because I know there are a lot of things parents can teach to their kids before it is to late.


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