Why we don’t listen to our own advice…

As women we love to talk we love to gossip to ask for advice and to give advise to friends and colleagues we compare stories and chit chat about every and anything. I think some of us are good at it and some of us just like to hear the sound of our own voices. Some of us come to a friend not always for the advice they give but more just get the feelings off of their chest and just vent to a listening ear.


But the biggest problem I’ve seen is that it’s always that friend who gives the best advice that does not seem to have their own life together! This could be a for a number of reasons they may have people around them who they have witnessed go through certain hardships so they know the signs and when to advise you to avoid those situations or they may have been through a lot themselves and are on the path to sorting out their shit! They might even have their shit together but when they go through things they do not follow the same philosophy they would give you.

I can give advice on your relationships or ways to improve your health or improve your career not because I’m an expert but because I like to have discussions with people so I get different perspectives on things. I read a lot so I use books I’ve read when offering advice most of the time common sense plays a big role in day to day advice if you’re not happy in your job but you have a mortgage to pay my advise will not be to leave your job (thats common sense) if your boyfriend doesn’t respect you and continues to cheat on you I’m gonna tell you to leave him (that’s common sense), but at the same time I have walked out of jobs knowing I have rent to pay and no new job, we don’t always take our own advise and I think feelings and emotions play a part. We all know the right things to do but we don’t always do them because of our feelings… It’s hard to take our own advise because we are too close to whatever the situation is and when we give advice to our friends theres no feeling towards the guy treating them bad or the colleague pissing them off we can be harsher because it does not directly affect us.


There’s no right or wrong when it comes to giving advice or taking advice because it’s based on life experiences and opinions and those are formed by the individual. The main thing to do is be happy with the choices you make because you will have to live with them at the end of the day. Do not continuously ask for advice on a subject and never take it because I’m sure you’re pissing someone off with your behaviour. Lastly don’t try to force people to take the advice you are offering it should be a gentle thing but at the same time don’t just tell people what you think they want to hear give it to them real they will either respect your honesty of be angry and never ask you for advice again.


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