Who told you I want you in my house.

Sunday afternoon…

So I was on my way home from work still in recovery mode because it had been a fun filled Weekend lots of Hennessy and partying until the sun came up, so I hadn’t slept at all I literally got home had a shower and made myself look like somebody’s child and left my house! So by the time I had made it through the day I was feeling pretty rough and I must have looked pretty rough too but I had on the darkers (sunglasses) so I was hiding it from the world.

Anyway I’m waiting for the bus (no car because I drive like I’m Lewis Hamilton but that’s another story we can do that another day) I sat down on a wall because standing was starting to feel like a challenge after my night out and my 8 hour shift. So this dude comes over to me and starts making conversation you know general chit chat he was light skinned which is not really my type but you know when you feel like your blocking your blessings by being a fussy cow so you edit your type and decide to try new things so you don’t end up old and lonely with a house full of cats, that’s what I was trying to do!

so we exchange numbers…

We get to talking and we had several things in common music, books, food, fitness and even similar sense of humour which is normally hard for me because I’m a sarcastic bitch. So I’m thinking you know in the looks department he’s not my type of guy he’s not the type of guy I would even notice in a crowded room but everything else seemed to be positive so I can admit I was a little excited by it all and I drifted into fantasy land a little bit because its rare to find someone that you can really hold good conversation with. He invited me to go out on a date that weekend and of course I said yes I felt like a date would be the perfect opportunity to see if I liked him or if we were just gonna end up being pen pals.

so date night arrives and the first thing that got on my nerves was that he was late by 15 minutes but I didn’t hold it against him because shit happens and he’d called me to let me know why but when he did show up he was lighter and shorter than I remembered (the wall must have been higher than I thought and the tint on the  darkers must have been 100 denier).

Worst date ever!

So I’m there in my heels with this pale short dude, we got to the restaurant and got some drinks at the bar I thought yes get a drink down you and try to lighten up and just enjoy your evening. So we’re  laughing and joking and my drinks had relaxed me which was positive but then once we ordered our food it was taking ages to come and this left a window open for way too much conversation I don’t know if it was the cocktails but he started bad mouthing his mother “RED FLAG” talking shit about his siblings which made me feel he was slightly jealous of them “RED FLAG” and even bringing up how shit his ex was and all the issues they had “RED FLAG” so at this point I’m very uncomfortable because he’s letting off the families dirty laundry like no ones business my drinks done and my food isn’t here!! In my mind I’m thinking we’ve known each other for one week and your telling me all this, I guess some people are just different.

so I made it through the food. 

We left and he was like “so are we going to yours now” I had to shut that thought down quickly and let him know we ain’t going no where together, he actually got angry with me claiming we had good chemistry and we are both adults so it’s nothing if we smash! Mate we had no chemistry and your mad if you think I’m wasting vagina on some dude who’s talking shit about his own mother!!!


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