What are we?


If you have to ask this question it usually means you ain’t nothing or you’ve just got yourself into a “situation”. Too many women are getting into things with men they know nothing about and I’m not just speaking about on a personality level I’m referring to not knowing anything about how they view you or what exactly they want. So what is it you actually claim to like about him.

When you meet someone you usually communicate for a while before the initial meet up. You get to know the basics of a person ask them all the questions you need to (not blatantly be clever with it). If he has a girlfriend or someone who thinks she’s his girlfriend, what he does in his spare time, why he’s interested in you ect. This is when you decide if you like him and if you want to bother spending time with him. Find out your common interests what he does with himself on a day to day.

If you’ve gone on dates and even taken the step to sleeping with him and now you’ve  caught feelings for him I’m curious to know what kind of small talk you are making prio to and on these so called dates because you should have discussed what you are or even what you could be. Men won’t tell you on day one that they want to wife you that comes after time but they will normally tell you if they are not looking for anything serious the worst thing you can do is assume. Never assume!!

When the date comes you should go to a public place where there are witnesses (people are crazy) now it’s totally up to you if you decide to fuck on a first date, sometimes there’s just a certain level of chemistry and this should have stemmed from the conversation you are having and if you decide to wait it out until your 10 dates in before you let him smash you should still know what you are so I just don’t gets why women ask this question. What are we?

Too many woman drift into fantasy land thinking there’s more going on than there really is. If a man tells you he doesn’t want a relationship but you decide to carry on dealing with him you know what your getting into so you can’t get annoyed at him after a while and start asking “what are we” like you don’t know exactly what it is. You can’t blame him when you end up in your feelings, don’t think anything is going to change just because of sex, it won’t! He’s still the same man who told you he didn’t want something serious your pussy won’t change that. Some women can handle a “this is going no where” kind of situation maybe they just got out a relationship or they are focused on reaching certain career goals everyone is different others can’t handle that they fall deep in love with the potential of a man which is a big mistake when dating.


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