They don’t care!


You girls have got this shit twisted thinking it’s all about your looks and how well put together you are… Yes those things will get his attention but if your thick as shit and cannot string a sentence together your not likely to keep his attention!

You could be the prettiest girl in the room with every man trying to talk to you but do you have anything to offer other than your pretty face and your banging body. Most men want someone they can talk to so you can have an intellectual conversation and then do some freaky shit after, so if he’s bored with you in general he won’t see the point in spending too much time with you or even continuing to sleep with you.

Also some of you are really asking for too much, demanding high end dates in places you can’t afford to take yourselves and getting offended when a man takes you on a “normal date”. The guys that will take you to the plush restaurants are normally the ones who will feed you, fuck you and then leave you.

Girls are too busy looking for someone to compliment their image rather than someone they actually like. Too many girls want a man with money and a nice car so they can show off to their friends or their followers on social media.

You need to humble your bloodclaat self!


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