Forgot to finish my make-up and went on my date.

So I had a date planned for the weekend but the communication with the guy had been slim to none, we had set a date to go out earlier in the week but hadn’t confirmed a time and location etc

When the day came he got in contact firstly to apologise for the lack of communicaton (which I thought was nice) and secondly to ask if I was still available for him to take me out later that night for a bite to eat and some drinks. I told him my week at work had been very crazy so I wasn’t mad at him for not contacting me and that I was definitely available and I could do with a drink after the week I had just had.

So we planned to meet at 8.30pm which I knew would be a struggle for me because I was at work until 5pm… so I left work got home trying to forward plan my outfit on the way but we all know that never really works!


So I get home jump in the bath, trying to work to a tight time budget shower in a certain amount of time, hair and make-up in a certain amount of time, find an outfit in a certain amount of time and then of course time to take selfies and what not! So after I shower I then started my make up, went to the closet start trying to put together outfit ideas and all the while time is moving quicker than ever before every time I got changed I just kept looking at the time thinking “SHIT,SHIT,SHIT” so once I finally decide what I was going to wear I checked the time and I needed to leave if  was gonna be close to on time so I tried to order my uber that was another DRAMA I had to input my details again because silly me had lost my card so my details had changed (another thing I really did not have time for you know when you could literally scream). So I’m half dressed still in my faux fur house slippers the uber shows up! I had to throw everything in my little clutch and run out the house with my heals in hand and my coat half on half off. When I got in the uber I tried to sort myself out firstly by putting my shoes on and taking my jewellery out of my coat pocket earrings, ring, bracelet I’m extra like that I feel naked without jewellery. When I was done getting dressed in the back of the uber I then pulled my phone out to be on some cute shit and snapchat dat ishhh you know show the world my “date night journey” -follow me on snapchat BLONDEBLANCO- I wanted to show the journey, the night lights you know had two two tory lanes playing in the background. When I spun that camera on selfie mode I didn’t know the gremlin looking back at me. 


I had no lashes on, not even mascara on my lashes just a basic foundation and brow I was looking tired in the worst way – DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE WHEN YOU MISS ONE STEP OF A MAKE UP ROUTINE??? – To make the situation 10 times worst I had not put any of the essentials in my bag to fix this little make-up problem en-route. This was the first time I was really meeting this guy and first impressions mean something lol. I asked my driver if we could stop at a shop if we went past one I was just thinking at least dash on a little mascara to make the eye dem pop make myself look more awake “did we see a shop?” Ask my what village I was in please!


I ended up showing up looking mad tired thank god the restaurant did not have the best lighting…

The date went really well despite the lack of mascara but thats another story!


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