Some reasons why your ex decides to contact you out of the blue.

so your getting on with life everything is going well, your balancing work and home life well and your in a really good place.

Your content..

Then out of no where you get that “long time” text from an ex its as though they have a glass ball showing them that you are over them and aint worried bout nothing and they decide to come and dip their toes in the little  puddle that is your feelings.

Now you need to think long and hard about how this will affect you some woman are stronger than others and can switch their emotions off to a certain degree so you will be cool to speak to him for a while, catch up, see how lifes treating him then cut him off when your ready but if you feel like you will end up back in a bad situation because you cant control your emotions even though you know theres love there but it just wouldnt work between the two of you then dont fall into his trap.

So lets just say you text back. The two of you start talking and before long hes telling you he still loves you and he should never have treated you that way or left you and a part of you is thinking maybe this is sign that we should be together. IT IS NOT A SIGN! He is simply trying to see if he can have you when he wants you. You must stay strong, remind yourself of the reasons why you are not together and remember how it felt to get over him. You need to ask yourself have you been happier since the two of you cut ties? if the answer is yes lock him off. 


So obviously when they drop you that text you have your flash backs and your mind gets to thinking about all the good and bad times you shared and if you havent spoken to them in a long time you will be temped to reply but then part of you knows where the reply could lead especially if your flashbacks involved him blowing ya back out to trey songs- love faces. At this point the ball is in your court to reply or to block those are your options and its normally when your bored or havent found a new love interest that you will holler back to see if hes changed even though you know in your heart he hasnt changed one bit.

People come into our lives to teach us lessons and sometimes they return because you havent learned all that you could from them or the situation. As human beings we find comfort in the things we are familiar with even though most of the time thats not a good thing. 

Here are some of the reasons why ex’s return:

They couldnt replace you

Maybe they left you for someone else and that didnt work out for them the way they had hoped and most of the time they leave you and then miss so they serch for you in other people but sadly they can never be you and once they realise they try to come back.


Sometimes its literally that simple and they dont care about you at all some people will send the same message to 5 people just to see who replies. 


They simply want to feel like they can have you if they want you. There is also the chance he just wants to keep you from seeing other people so he pops up every so often to confuse you emotionally

They actually care

It could really be that simple. He could be thinking your the one for him maybe he grew up since you were together and now hes here for something more serious.


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